Background Check pt.1

Posted: March 11, 2011 in Freshness

Ok so I stated that I would give ya’ll some insight as to who I am. I was raised in South Jamaica Queens (Yes the same place as 50 cent, Nicki Minaj and many others) which is a pretty tough hood. I was captivated by the whole Hip Hop scene, In 1984 my dad brought me a record called “BreakDance” which had break beats and electro music on it. The record also came with a poster showing you all the different moves. I must have driven my parents crazy with that record because I played it everyday.

As I got older and started riding the trains more often, I found my next addiction… Graffiti! By 1989 I was putting all my energy into being a writer, All the dancing got put on hold. With no real guidance I was just another toy running around tagging. From 1989 to 1992 I tried to copy every dope writer from The Bronx to Brooklyn and back to Queens. I have a lot of family all over New York City so the train rides to their houses were my lessons in graff.

In 1995 I was already in high school and my hand style had cleaned up but I had no defined style. I linked up with another writer, Optick who was also from Jamaica. I worked on my hand style to mimic the old school writers from my hood, to the point where Optick’s older brother Smend thought that Optick had came up with an alias. I eventually met Smend and put that to rest. Smend starting giving me outlines so i can fine tune my writing skills, At the same time I was back into B-boying. During the same year my next addiction was in full effect, getting FRESH!


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