Pics From B.I.G celebration pt.1

Posted: March 12, 2011 in Freshness

Ight so when I first started this blog it was on the day Biggie was taken from this earth. So my family from “1992” (Party Name) as well as Santos Party House threw party’s to celebrate the life of BIG. The party was filled with party goers singing word of word the lyrics that filled New York City streets that day. It was a good time filled with good people. S/O to my fam Oscar 1992 and Va$htie for putting this together with my brother “God’s Favorite DJ” D.J. Clark Kent and D.J. Soul who spun great music that night. Photos courtesy of Va$htie.

Downtown’s Sweetheart and The Capo Of Soho!

Big Doves The Don

Osclops, D.J. Clark Kent, and Va$htie.

You know He Knows!

More pics to come as soon as I can get Scrilla to up load them.


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