Sony Playstation Move Trainer

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Freshness

In honor of 15 years of the Playstion consul Sony and Nike teamed up for a second time and released a package of two shoes. Most people already seen them but there was a sample that wasn’t release of the trainer. So i’m going to post photos of the two side by side and you tell me what you think.

PS09The shoe on the left is the sample the shoe on the right was released.

PS08Playstation logo on the sample is black instead of clear and the strap is reptile textured as opposed to the satin texture of the released pair.

PS07The Sample pair is a half fade while the released pair is a full fade to the back.

PS06Same on the inside of the shoe.

PS02The back of the samples had black swooshes while the released pair have iridescent swooshes.

The samples also have the Playstation Move logo on both heel straps while the released pair is broken down into both words.

PS01A shot of both soles oh so icy.

PS03Let me know what you think.


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