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_63T7009 _63T7014So I know its been a very long time since i posted but I’ve been busy with work and a new baby. With that out of the way Yankees Derek Jeter unveiled a new cleat in last night’s Yankees Red Sox game. For his final season Jordan Brand has given Jeter a new cleat with text all over it in a Jordan x SB greenish color. More info as soon as i get more.

Sony Playstation Move Trainer

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Freshness

In honor of 15 years of the Playstion consul Sony and Nike teamed up for a second time and released a package of two shoes. Most people already seen them but there was a sample that wasn’t release of the trainer. So i’m going to post photos of the two side by side and you tell me what you think.

PS09The shoe on the left is the sample the shoe on the right was released.

PS08Playstation logo on the sample is black instead of clear and the strap is reptile textured as opposed to the satin texture of the released pair.

PS07The Sample pair is a half fade while the released pair is a full fade to the back.

PS06Same on the inside of the shoe.

PS02The back of the samples had black swooshes while the released pair have iridescent swooshes.

The samples also have the Playstation Move logo on both heel straps while the released pair is broken down into both words.

PS01A shot of both soles oh so icy.

PS03Let me know what you think.


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New Year new things

Posted: January 4, 2013 in Freshness

New Year new things

Happy New Year to all. I know its been a while i’ve been side tracked with work, kicks, and of course Call Of Duty. But with the new year here there will be plenty of new events, kicks, sports i’ii be posting. Let’s Get It!

Check LeBron in full celebration in the New Mi Gente Co. for Unknwn shirt at Club LIV last night after the Heat won the Finals.





Posted: June 22, 2012 in Freshness


New shirt from my brother SAFE for LeBron James, Heat fans go snatch that up in Miami ASAP.

The crowd is crazy

Rosey got’em going crazy.

My $G brotha Nai on the J.O.

My ATF fam Dave Jeff in the building.

$ame Gang Safe

Some of the crowd was lucky enough to be blessed with free kicks by my brotha Mayor

Gotta say it was a good night. Salute!

StarWars x Brisk Party NYC

Posted: March 23, 2012 in Freshness

So awhile back I went to the Starwars Brisk party. It was a cool event but I wish there was more artwork.

DJ Soul on the 1 and 2’s.

Artwork by: Leo Eguiarte ^^

Artwork by: Jasper Wong ^^

Artwork by: Mark Dean Veca ^^

Artwork by: DualForces

Artwork by: Pose ^^

I believe both of these prints were done by Arkitip. God Save The Queen artwork by: Arkitip ^^

Artwork by: Eye One ^^

Artwork by: Tristan Eaton ^^

Forgive me for the flash glare I was a little tipsy and forgot to turn off the flash.

Just Blaze in the building!

Just getting it in on the 1 and 2’s.

It was a good night, a fun time with friends and the open bar didn’t hurt at all.

This pass monday the 19th Nipsey made a trip to N.Y. so the Riots family and I attended the show. Although the show was short it still was a great time with the fam.

Young Brody opened for the big homie Nipsey.

Riot Life in the building!

Chillen with the fam

The homie lightin it up on stage.

Fly Crippin’

Throwback thursday Superbowl XLII

Me and the crew after the Giants defeated the Patriots in 2008.